Application Requirements
Recruitment Type Beginner Programmer
System Engineers
ERP Consultant
Embedded System Engineer, Control Programmer, System Engineer
Network Engineer
WEB Engineer(Homepage, ASP, etc.)
Business Content We provide services such as system construction, development, maintenance, testinig service, IT consulting, ERP consulting and introduction support.
Employment Status >Full-time employees, Contract employees
As well as
Sole Proprietorship (Freelance)
Application Conditions ・Those who have experience in the IT industry and are motivated to demonstrate their abilities more
・Those who have experience in the IT industry in the past and want to try again
・Inexperienced in the IT industry
・Those who wish to change jobs from different industries
・Those who have high skills and are looking for a project
※With training systems and qualification acquisition support, we have a complete backup system for improving skills.
Salary ¥ 200,000~¥ 650,000(Determined according to our regulations in consideration of skills and work experience)
Working Hours / Holiday Vacation Two days off per week (Saturday and Sunday), Public Holidays, Year-End and New Year Holidays, Paid Holidays
Work Location Tokyo, Saitama, Yokohama, etc. Company and Customers Site
Allowance Complete Insurance, Transportation Expenses, Overtime Pay, Employee Technical Education System

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