Company Profile

CEO            Kinjo Sachiko
CONTENT        ・IT Consulting,
・System Construction, Development, Maintenance, Testing service
・Software development and Offshore development
・IT-specific temporary staffing and Recruitment service
・Development and Maintenance of mobile phone content and Game
ADDRESS        Iida Bldg 4F, Taito-ku Taito 4-6-2, Tokyo
TEL            03-6284-2196
FAX            03-6284-2197
CAPITAL        36 Million
ESTABLISHED    October 2014
REGISTRATION LICENSE ・Worker dispatch business permit number: General 13-310273
・P mark scheduled to be acquired within 2020
MAINBANK       Mizuho Bank, Ueno Branch

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate value comes from Technological Capabilities, Human Resources, Reliability, and Globalization.
TECHNOLOGY     We aim to contribute to society by widely delivering our unique technologies and new technologies that are at the forefront of the times to our customers and changing the world.
 SECURING HUMAN     RESOURCES     We will secure passion, sincerity, and professional human resources by creating a comfortable working environment and focusing on human resource development.
RELIABILITY    ・We aim to be a company that can be trusted by our business partners with highly reliable technology and human resources.
・We aim to be a company that can be trusted by our business partners who can provide high-quality products and services.
GLOBAL         We aim to be a global company that can integrate and optimize management resources.

Corporate Information