IT Consulting

With cutting-edge technology, we think design, and execute optimal solutions from both IT and business perspectives for our customers' management issues. Armed with our neutral position and technological capabilities, We will build the future value of our customers in order to realize our future value.

System Construction / Development / Maintenance / Testing

・Focusing on the latest trends in the IT industry and using new technologies emerging in the market as a foothold, we will respond quickly to customer needs and support your projects with human resources who have the hight technologies.
・Testing services include functional testing, integration testing, system testing, performance testing, performance optimization, and usability testing.

Software development and Offshore development

PGLK company own an overseas development center and aim for high quality delivery.

IT-specific temporary staffing and Recruitment service

At PGLK, Human resources who have technology will support to your project.

Development and Maintenance of mobile phone content and Game

PGLK provides planning, production, and maintenance services for mobile phone content and game.

Corporate Information